Tuesday, 5 February 2013


I have been trying to find all my stuff a place of their own since we moved. I am not very satisfied with how the bathrooms look at this point and i don't have much space for, let's say, my make up there. At the moment I am planning on arranging my accesories and my make up on a dresser, so I need to make them as accesible and visible as I can. The important or let's say more pricey items are in boxes, but I like to keep everything on display otherwise if I don't see them, I forget about them and wear the same thing for weeks.

I find that jewelry displays/ holders are quite expensive so I always start by trying to make something with what I ahev on hand.

That is what is so nice about this project: You will just need a small box, scissors and some stockings/ tights.

Choose a box that has wider edges , because it will sit on one edge, so it need stability. Then you just have to insert the box into the stockings and tie the sides in the back of the box.

Hide those sections  and you are done.

 As you can see, my box was white so in the back you can see the light colour through the tights, but nobody is gonna see the back. Anyway, you can avoid this with a dark box or larger tights.

For costing next to nothing I think it's really practical. I hope you try it!

Stay inspired,

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