Thursday, 14 February 2013

French- Style Kitchen

You probably saw it everywhere by now. It is a big trend and I am actually pretty happy about that. French country style in decorating is not very polished and pretentious, but it catches your eye for sure.

I am thinking about earthy tones, stone, wood, iron, mix and matching natural fibers. When you want to pick some french-themed accents just think about whatever they are best known for: chocolat, Paris, wine, champagne, lavender, Provence, etc.

I love the style for kitchens because is very family-like, is warm and I think that the trend got so big because people get back to their roots and start using the kitchen more. If I see a french style kitchen I know that kitchen is used, is not that super polished, posh, modern kitchen, it makes me think about family, home cooking, wine drinking and flower picking. :) See what I did there?

After you have the basics, don't forget to keep around fresh flowers all the time. You can arrange them, but not too much, in vases, jars or pitchers.

It does have that je ne sais quoi, non?

THE BASICS: Stove,  KitchenFridge, Kitchen table

THE ACCENTS: Dinner Set, Clock, Chair pad, Chest of drawers, Faucet
Stay inspired!

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