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ROOM BY ROOM. Decorating tips- BEDROOM

The first thing we should think about when we want to (re)decorate a room is what is made for, who will use that room. If the living room represents the family, weekend indoors and meetings with friends when we think about the bedroom we should make it exactly like our relationship or as we would like our love life or marriage to be.

That is why when it comes to your home it is not all about trends or price tag but making it yours. That is probably why bedroom decorating is my favourite. Friends or family come and visit, they see the kitchen, they dine in the dining room and afterwards rest in the living room, but the bedroom is only for you or if you are lucky, for that special someone. And maybe also the fact that for the last 3 years we lived in one room and slept on a couch, so now having a big bed in a separate room seems decadent and heavenly at the same time.

Here we go then:

  1. Make the room a couple's nest
    I didn't mean to pressure you and call it a love nest, but that is the nitty-gritty. That being said, check your artwork and your photos. Do you find it
    easy feeling sexy if you're looking at your parent's photo or your kid's Mother's Day card? By the way, this also applies to exes. Replace them with pictures of you two being the happiest (wedding day maybe) or any nice memories as a couple. If you wanna have paintings they should be calming and serene, it also the place where you rest, and representing anything desirable.

    If you are also superstitious they say it is best to keep the objects in the bedroom in pairs (for balance) and no pictures of single/ sad people. It kinda make sense to me, but you might just find it funny. :)
  2. Room for two
    Even if you are single, as long as it is a double bed make sure 2 people can get in and out without rolling over one another. We often have the tendency of pushing the bed to the wall in order to have more space, but actually making room on both sides of the bed gives the impression of a bigger space. And again, 2 night stands means balance, each person has their space and control. Of course, there are some cases in which the width of the room or the shape does not allow this, but we can at least simulate 2 nighstands with 2 cleverly arranged lights or suspended nighstands. 
  3. A theme and colour both will love
    Because it is where we sleep it is advised thet we use, at least on walls, a calming colour. A bright red room might be appealing to you, might even make you feel like you are waiting on Christian Grey to appear, but it wouldn't be the most comforting space to rest in. Otherwise, choose whatever you like, just don't make it to girly or to manly. Pink, furs and animal print might be to much for a man. Even if you're single, you want that people who come into your room to feel at ease and not like they are invading your space and that you are not ready to welcome someone in your life. If you live with your significant other ask for his/her opinion regarding colours and theme.

  4. Make your bed the main attraction
    It is called a bed-room, get it? If you have a beautiful bed, you are lucky. Just center it and enjoy the view. Changing the bedding is probably the esiest and cheapest way to give your bedroom more appeal. Nice bedding, 2 sets of pillows and all the attention goes to your bed, now isn't that inviting? 

    You can also count on a special headboard to do the trick

     or if your headboard isn't that high a statement piece of wall art.

  5. Details
    Like any other room, it is important to remain clutter-free, try as much as possible to keep your work outside your bed. You can also give some accent colour by matching a shade from your pillows with some fresh flowers ar some candles.
    Quick tip: Candles are very warming and romantic in the bedroom, but burn them before you go to bed. Untouched candles look tacky, they should be used.
    Remember - Your bedroom is your sanctuary and  you shouldn't be afraid to get creative even if the room is small, it is supposed to be intimate, or if you can't afford a major investment, beauty comes from your ideas and from your touch.
     Images sources: apartmenttherapy.com, housebeautiful.com, luxury-idea.com

    Stay inspired,

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