Monday, 4 March 2013

IKEA TINDRA Glass Candles Review

Since we moved into the new house I became obsessed of getting rid of the old smells and making it ours. Besides the electric air fresheners, the candles, especially during autumn and winter, relax me and enhance the confort of the home.

A budget-friendly option are the IKEA candles.

1. They are affordable and it turns out they do the job. Last time I bought a set of 3 smaller ones on sale at 12 RON, less than 3 euros.

2. They burn pretty even. You can see in the picture below, the berry-flavoured one is almost over and it burned perfectly.  That;s usually the biggest no-no with cheap candles.
I did notice that the smaller ones tend to burn uneven, but I think it's enough to make sure the wick is straight when you start to burn them.

3. Fragrance. As far as the scents go, being IKEA it is obvious there is a wide range to choose from. There is only a picture on the lids so I'll try my best to guess the actual fragrance,
My favourites: The Berries one- it is a full scent, if it makes any sense. It fills a small room very quick and it works in every season. It is not overwhelming in warmer days.
Vanilla- Classic scent, everybody loves it. I used to burn it in the bedroom when it was colder, it really made everything cozy. The fragrance is not that strong and that is why sometimes you get a candle smell more than vanilla and I wouldn't choose it for summer.

Tindra Ljuv Green: This has some kind of leaf on the lid, so it's supposed to be a fresh, garden-like smell. I adore it, it's perfect for this spring. It's fresh, but not extremely energizing like citrus or something. I think I like it mainly because it is a clean smell.
The bigger ones had individual lids and the scent was better preserved. The 3-pack ones had one sort of a lid for all of them and the fragrance was not that strong, but considering the price, I'll say it's ok.

What's your opinion, do you like your IKEA candles?

Stay inspired!

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