Thursday, 21 March 2013

Easy DIY- Nail-polish Stand/ Organizer

Hello again,

Today I would show you a super fast and easy project. Basically you only need a box, some scissors and some wrapping paper .
Find the middle of your box. I used an old shoebox. From the middle, cut it like in the image below.

Then, just turn the box over and you will have to separate organizing spaces. Just use the box lid to cut some scraps and tape them so that you can raise the ends, to close both of the sides.

Decorate it however you fancy. I used self- adhesive paper becuase I am lazy.

Ta-da! Not the most difficult project, not very "out-of-the-box", but it is very usefull. I will put my nail polishes on one side and my manicure tools and nail treatments on the other sides.

Stay inspired!

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